Birthday Treasure Volume 1

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As promised, here's my precious treasures from my birthday last May.
Sorry for this very late post. I was so busy with my office works.

The photo of my treasures:

bday gifts

I received 8 awesome gifts. Thanks for remembering my special day.

Most of the gifts were not actually a gift or I rather call it "GIFT FOR MYSELF".

  1. The Skechers GOBionic for my everyday workout. On my birthday wish list, I thought of having Nike but when I decided to buy a shoes I decided to have Skechers but originally I really want to have the Skechers Shape Up but because of bad reviews I just bought their running shoes instead.
  2. The KISS from my sweetest love love PAOPAO.
  3. The Chocolate cake from my officemate BFFs. (I don't have the actual photo of the cute cake because I ruined the cake..awww)
  4. Blueberry Cheesecake and
  5. Banofee Pie of Banapple. I bought this cake as a treat to my officemate BFFs.
  6. Marshall Pitch Major from my love love DADA.
  7. Aztec Bag from my prettiest Mares. Awww this was included on my wish list. I love u both.
  8. Letters from my officemates.
Thanks for all the gifts. I love you all.


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