26th Birthday Wishes

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Another year older, Another year to celebrate life!

My birthday is fast approaching, so here’s my birthday wishes:


  1. Vintage bike. I miss riding a bike. I usually see this kind of bike from Korean series that I have watched. I got jealous, so I want one.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6. I want to try other brand of Smartphone. I got irritated with my Sony Xperia Z. Good thing, my postpaid plan is going to end this year.
  3. Herschel Backpack. I love travelling and this bag suits as a weekender bag for me.
  4. GoPro Hero4 Black/Silver. Since, I love adventure so I might need a action cam that can document those memories.
  5. Stand Mixer. As a frustrated baker, I want to have a mixer.
  6. Multifunction/Bifold Wallet. I’m sick with my old wallet. I’m really a fan of bifold wallet especially when it has a card holder, separate space for my paper bills and coins.
  7. Sports Watch. I love running so I need track my heart rate and the duration of my run.
  8. Bottle Waist Pack. I’m too lazy carrying my water bottle while I run.
  9. Samsung Gear S. I cannot use my phone during work hours, so this might be helpful for me to get notification from my phone.
  10. Flip flops. I want to try to Make My Own Havaianas.

I know my list is a bit extravagant but a girl can dream right? It’s my birthday month anyways. What’s funny here is that I always end up buying it for myself. 

So, what would you like for your birthday? Feel free to share your wish list on the comment box.
And, stay tuned for my birthday post.


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