Monday, August 03, 2015


Yes! we didn't miss the chance to experience the 1000 feet of Pure Happiness - the first Slidefest here in the Philippines.


There are three types of tickets available: the one time sliders, two hours unlimited sliders, and VIP. Both one time sliders and two hours unlimited slide tickets share the same line while the VIP have a separate line. We bought the two hours unlimited slide ticket. We are a bit disappointed because of the long queue of people just to experience the slide.  It is better if you have the VIP ticket since they have shorter queue and you can really enjoy the slide without getting tired of standing.


So there, we just enjoyed our one time slide that ended in less than two mins after waiting for hours in the line. We prefer not to come back to line up because our time limit is almost done when we finish our first slide. We realized that we should have just bought the one time ticket because our two hours was just wasted in queuing. I'd rather visit pool resorts with slides than experiencing that slide again. If they are going to have the Slidefest again, maybe they could add more slides to prevent the sliders to wait too long.


Anyway, we still enjoyed it.


How about you? How did you spent your summer? Share your experiences in the comment box below.


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