Book Haul: Books for Less

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Last August, my officemate told us that there will be a month long warehouse sale of books at Books for Less. I got more excited when he told us that the books would cost in a very cheaper price.

So, we decided to drop by their warehouse on the first day of sale. We went there at around 8am. I noticed that there are also few bookworms searching for their perfect books to read.


The whole warehouse is really big and full of books. The books are really dusty. Poor me, I have allergic rhinitis. I had to cover my nose while inside. Don't forget to bring your own bag because they don't offer shopping baskets.


After an hour of searching, I only got three books. And, the crowd is starting to grow minute by minute. I didn't noticed it at first since I'm really busy checking the books on the shelves. I noticed the very long queue of customers at the counter, we decided to pay for the books that we got.


After the stressful hoarding, I got 17 books. The four children's book are for my niece. The book haul made me realize that I'm 60% food lover, 20% dog lover and 20% book lover. Here's the list of books that I got:

  • After you Get your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman
  • 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dogs by Shawn Messonnier
  • English as a Second Language by Megan Crane
  • Ten Commandments Twice Removed by Danny Shelton and Shelley Quinn
  • The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran
  • Microwave Main Course Quick and Easy by Irena Chalmers
  • Salt-Free Cooking with Herbs & Spices by June Roth
  • Toast 60 Ways to Butter your Bread & then Some by Jesse Ziffcool
  • The Wine Lover's Cookbook by Sid Goldstein
  • Cooking with a Food Processor by General Electric
  • All the Best Potatoes by Joie Warner
  • Martha Stewart Living Annual Recipes 2002

  • The Simpsons Xmas Book
  • Lady Bug Girl
  • First Dog
  • Go Track a Yak!
For those who missed the warehouse sale, don't worry this is an annual sale of Books for Less every August. So mark your calendars for the next year's warehouse sale.

Feel free to share your book finds on the comment section below. I would like to hear how your book haul experience went.

Books for Less Warehouse
Address: 643 Mercedes Ave., Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City

Till my next haul.


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