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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Yey, I'm back and I have a good news. We're engaged! Last November 21, Boots finally asked me the question that I have been waiting for years. Let me tell you the story how he proposed to me.


A week before Boots' proposal, he told me that we will have a dinner date. He said he got a discount coupon from his officemate. I asked him what is the name of the restaurant so that I could search it online. Of course, I was really excited to check their food. The name of the restaurant is Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge.

Ninyo Fusion CuisinePhotos taken by Boots when he went to Ninyo for ocular visit

I checked their menu and of the photos of customers who already went there. I asked him if he is serious because the foods are all expensive. So I just said "Why not its your treat by the way". Again, I checked Ninyo in my Zomato app. I saw pictures of proposals and date of couples. I even asked Boots "Are you gonna propose to me?". He just replied that I should not expect too much.

The day before the proposal, I almost forgot we have dinner. I asked him "We don't have any plans foe today right?". And, he immediately replied "We have a dinner date later and wear your best dress." I replied " So, the place is really that forma? Okay then!".

That same night my friend Ann borrowed our DSLR. She said they will have a photoshoot the next day that's why she needs our camera. That same week, Ann and Karylle asked me what is my favorite flower. Ann just told me that it's her Mom's birthday that same weekend. And yes, I never realized that they are planning to surprise me.



The very special night came, I wore my favorite dress and even put on a light make up for our dinner date. I was really worried because we got stuck on a traffic and we are a bit late for our reservation. When we arrived at Ninyo, the waiter assisted us to the gazebo on the 2nd level.


As I stepped on the stairs I noticed the rose petals scattered on the staircase and inside the gazebo and I said "Wow! They really have this set up."

rose petals

Then the waiter offered us the menu. Boots said that he is going to the restroom.

ninyo menu

When he left, I took pictures of the gazebo. While I was browsing my phone.

Just watch the actual video below:


After that night, I could not remove the smile from my face and I can't even sleep. I started thinking about our dream wedding.

Again, thanks to our friends who helped my husband to be in preparing his big surprise, to my family who came to witness our special night, and of course to Boots for always  making me happy. I love you my future hubby.






PS. I highly recommend, Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge as a best romantic place for foodies and couples.

66 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 426-0301 / 0917-5302580

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