Weekend Dive: Bauan, Batangas

Saturday, April 28, 2018


I looked at my watch and it's already 6 AM. Just one more hour and its FREEDOM for this corporate slave! Friday office shift ends, and our most anticipated awesome weekend starts.

For this weekend, Camille and I together with our friends from Cupcake Travellers planned to go to Bauan, Batangas to swim and practice our freediving skills (Camille has just finished her freediving lessons so she’s excited). Bauan is one of the diving spots in Batangas known for its wondrous and spectacular marine life.

We left Mandaluyong city around 7:30 AM then dropped by Taal, Batangas to grab some lunch. We reached Bauan around two in the afternoon. Given that it’s summer season, the resort was packed with fellow tourists. Yet, we were given the best location to set up our tents, beach-side! No hotels, no buffets, and no air-conditioning. Hooray! Finally, a place where we can be one with nature.

The place was just extraordinary. We had the chance to swim with the fishes then after dinner, we were entertained by a fireworks display (well, it was actually from the resort next-door 😊). Then, woke up around 2 AM to catch the milky way, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. We forgot that it was a full moon!

Anyways, we just enjoyed the view. We were fondled by the sound of the waves crashing to the shore as we watch the moon glistened over the endless sea. It was soothing to the soul! What a weekend should be, for sure we will be back!


Bauan 2



Bauan 4

Bauan 5

Want to see more of our Bauan adventures? Watch the video below!


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